Community Services

Occupational Therapy

Community ServicesContact: 816-404-6277
Hours of Operation 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday

The Occupational Therapy program at TMC Behavioral Health assists people with mental illness in developing skills and support services for productive living. Our therapists emphasize interventions and treatment that will result in an improved quality of life through a variety of skill acquisition training both in a group and individual setting. Eligible clients need to be receiving services through a community mental health center and referred by mental health professional.

Community Assistance Program

Contact: 816-404-5700

TMC Behavioral Health’s Community Assistance Program (CAP) provides case management services for individuals diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness, and who require a significant level of support and treatment to live in the community. A Community Support Specialist or Recovery Coach will assist individuals in living as independently as possible, in the least restrictive environment, trying to help decrease symptoms while enhancing strengths to overcome barriers.

CAP specialists help clients:
• Access food stamps, insurance, Social Security income, and low-cost housing
• Engage in healthier habits, such as eating healthy and being more physically active
• Explore the best medical/dental care available with your health coverage
• Learn to use public transportation and how to remain safe while out in the community
• Access medication treatments and develop a recovery plan for symptom management
• Improve relationships and participate in more social and recreational activities
• Access vocational and educational programs
• Access housing assistance programs including SAVE housing
• Access additional treatment options in moments of need including local respite care facilities

New Frontiers

Contact: 816-404-6386
Hours of Operation 8:00-4:00pm Monday through Friday

TMC Behavioral Health New Frontiers is a referral based clubhouse model for clients with severe and persistent mental illness. It provides a day setting with structured psycho-social rehabilitation groups that provide support and programing for mental health recovery. The program is structured around a variety of groups that focus on topics like self-esteem, mental health, nutrition education, physical wellness, music therapy, and independent living skills. Eligible clients need to be receiving services through a community mental health center and referred by mental health professional.

Directions to the PEER Center and New Frontiers

The PEER Center

Contact: 816-404-6384

Hours of Operation:
1:30pm to 6:30pm Monday through Friday
9:00am to 2:00pm Saturday

TMC Behavioral Health PEER Center is a consumer operated drop-in center that promotes recovery and embraces hope for individuals living with mental illness through peer support. The PEER Centers goal is to foster and promote recovery for mental health consumers by offering consumers a variety of choices and activities, by building a peer support network, and encouragement and education towards the development of social skills, job skills, and symptom management skills. As this is a drop-in center any consumer who is living with mental illness is eligible to attend without a referral.

Directions to the PEER Center and New Frontiers

Assertive Community Outreach (ACO-PATH)

Contact: 816-404-6295

ACO outreaches and engages individuals experiencing homeless and severe mental illnesses. Most ACO clients also have experience with substance use, serious physical health conditions, legal involvement, and trauma history. The goal of ACO is to connect individuals who traditionally have difficulties accessing services with housing and ongoing supports. ACO’s treatment services include:
∙ Community Outreach
∙ Assessment and Treatment planning
∙ Drop-in Center

Intensive Case Management Team

Contact: 816-404-6307

Using a comprehensive team approach and lower staff to client ratios, the intensive case management team serves individuals that have chronic mental health conditions. The individuals served by this team have likely had recent histories of psychiatric hospitalizations, jail time, and other significant legal issues. The intensive team’s treatment includes:
• Assessment and Treatment planning
• Individual and group therapy
• Community Support
• Psychiatry
• Community Nursing

The intensive case management team is referral based and requires an internal referral from a Truman Medical Center – Behavioral Health clinician or team.



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