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Center for Trauma Informed Innovation

We are grounded in the science of resilience, committed to the practice of compassion, and fueled by a desire for global wellbeing.

Truman Medical Centers specializes in treating not only physical trauma, we are also experts in helping people heal the “invisible wounds” of trauma—the way trauma impacts the brain, behaviors, beliefs, emotions, and relationships of not only primary survivors but also of those who care for them. TMC Behavioral Health remains a leader in the Trauma Informed Care movement and was instrumental in developing the Missouri Model.

Trauma Informed Care is a “game changer”!  Watch 60 Minutes where Oprah discusses how trauma informed care definitely changed not only the way she sees and responds to people but the way she operates her school.

Attend our Trauma Sensitive Schools Summit this summer, and bring the same life-changing training to your school that Oprah is bringing to hers!

We also provide regular training opportunities for individuals and groups. Click here to explore and register for courses.

If you seek to gain expertise in delivering trauma informed care orientations, or if you are part of a team seeking to lead your organization in becoming trauma informed, register for our next workshop facilitator training for trauma informed care.

The Center for Trauma Informed Innovation serves as a regional platform for connecting internal and external expertise united in building organizational and community resilience. We offer custom training, consultation, and implementation facilitation for organizations seeking to become fully trauma informed.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to explore how we can help your organization infuse trauma sensitivity into all your products and services while cultivating compassion and resilience in your staff and clients!

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